Service was Excellent

Rucker and Associates served me well. Because of 2 moves, Rick Angel at Rucker and associates served us in 4 real estate transactions in 1.5 years getting me good money in short order. Over that period of time, my service with them was excellent. Calls returned quickly, professional quality service in every way. In today’s hot market in Simpsonville, it would be very easy to get lost in the shuffle of constant calls by new people moving into the area. I and my wife were always treated with respect and courtesy. If you are in the market, give them a look. There is much more to selling your house or buying a new one that you can see. Mark Rucker and Associates do all the important things behind the scenes that you, as a customer, may never know exist. They do those things right, so, the customer-facing activities go predictably well. Thanks Mark Rucker and Rick Angel.


— Randy Bidwell